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Oliver Yaphe Serge Mouille Lamps

At first glance this was a shot of a simple but modern room highlighting the Serge Mouille lamps.  But if you look really really closely, there in the far right corner, yes there it is, a vintage macrame hanging shelf unit come back to life!

There’s something lovely and comforting in this contrast of vintage and new furnishings that have been combined to create something so cool.  I even love the fringe balls dangling from the bedspread.  Mostly I appreciate that someone found something old, something made by hand, and found it still of value today.

Images from oliveryaphe.com

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  1. hey there and thank you for your info


  2. A very nice photo shoot.
    As seen in the picture the Desk Lamp is a Jielde Signal Industrial Lamp
    and the Serge Mouille 1 Arm standing floor lamp are both available from Surrounding.com

    Please contact us we carry several of these fixtures in stock.



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